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Board Governance

We build better Boards

The Board of Directors play a pivotal role in steering an organization towards its noble mission and executing against the strategic plan. Our goal is to support the Board Chair, Board Members, CEO, Executive Team, and staff in creating and executing a comprehensive and tailored game plan to optimize the Board’s involvement, culture, expertise, and impact.

How we help Boards

We work side-by-side with Boards and organizations to create customized game plans based on the specific needs and objectives. By leveraging our expertise in board governance and strategic planning, we collaborate closely with teams to develop a roadmap that enhances the effectiveness and efficiency of the Board's operations.

Our approach encompasses a range of services, including:

  • Board Evaluation and Benchmark Development
    Conducting comprehensive assessments to identify areas of improvement and implement strategies to enhance board performance. Establishing benchmarks for Board performance (KPIs). 

  • Meeting & RESET Facilitation
    Facilitating meetings and a formal reset of the Board to ensure alignment with the organization’s strategic plan and establish the necessary mindset required for higher levels of performance and engagement.

  • Strategic Planning Facilitation
    Facilitating strategic planning sessions to align the Board's vision with organizational goals and ensure effective execution.

  • Individual and Committee Action Plans
    Elevating Board members' understanding of their collective and individual roles and responsibilities and create individualized action plans that capitalize on their skills and interests.

  • Board Training and Development
    Equipping board members with the necessary knowledge, skills, and best practices to fulfill their roles effectively and efficiently.

  • Structure of Board Meetings
    Advising on and refreshing the structure of Board meetings.

  • Board Culture
    Fostering an environment of active participation, collaboration, and constructive dialogue around the things that are most important for the Board and the organization. This includes creating mutually beneficial interactions between staff and Board members and creating intentional opportunities for building relationships.

  • Board Pipeline and Composition
    Ensuring the Board has the diversity and skills needed to achieve the mission.

  • Policy Development and Governance Frameworks
    Assisting in the development of policies and governance frameworks to ensure compliance, transparency, and accountability.

  • Succession Planning
    Guiding organizations in developing robust succession plans to ensure continuity and effectiveness in Board leadership.

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