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Art & Science of Leadership Newsletter

Our monthly LinkedIn newsletter helps modern leaders elevate performance and unleash potential to build better organizations. The newsletter invokes modern neuroscience, ancient wisdom traditions, empirical data and organizational best practices to drive performance and better organizations.

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May 2024

Teams as the Key to Sustainable Growth

Tighten up the game plan, leaders! Sit with the winners, the conversation is different. Recognize the value of and prioritize the human element, and cultivate an environment where individuals feel valued and motivated to bring their best each day.

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March 2024

Manager as a Team Captain

Just as a captain is the heart and soul of a sports team, a manager serves as the linchpin of an organization. The team captain is a guide who inspires, motivates, models the way and empowers individuals to achieve collective goals.


March 2024

CEO as a Coach

CEO as Coach. How are you showing up as a coach to elevate your team and your organization?

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