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Thought Leadership

Art & Science of Leadership Podcast

Through engaging discussions with experts in neuroscience, psychology, and social and behavioral science,  we provide perspective and practical wisdom to inspire and empower leaders to build better organizations.

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May 2024

#11 High-Performing Teams

Dr. Carly Hunt, Sport and Counseling Psychologist at Present Mind Consulting, LLC

We delve into the dynamics of high-performing teams, drawing parallels between the world of sports and the realm of business.

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Our monthly LinkedIn newsletter helps modern leaders elevate performance and unleash potential to build better organizations. The newsletter invokes modern neuroscience, ancient wisdom traditions, empirical data and organizational best practices to drive performance and better organizations.

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May 2024

Teams as the Key to Sustainable Growth

Tighten up the game plan, leaders! Sit with the winners, the conversation is different.

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