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Family Governance

We help create enduring legacies

We are experts in working with high-net worth families, advising multi-generation family businesses, and guiding them through the terrain of legacy planning and facilitation. 

How we help families

Navigating the complexities of family dynamics and wealth management requires specialized expertise and a deep understanding of intergenerational relationships. Our team specializes in family governance, offering tailored solutions to high-net-worth families and multi-generation family businesses.

At the core of our approach is a commitment to preserving and enhancing your family's legacy while fostering harmony and cohesion across generations. We understand that effective family governance goes beyond financial management; it encompasses shared vision and values, communication strategies, and decision-making processes.

We take on the pivotal role of quarterback in family legacy planning, orchestrating the coordination of all family advisors and guiding multi-generational teams towards a unified vision of enduring prosperity.

Our approach encompasses a range of services, including:

  • Creation of Family Vision, Mission, Values, Pillars & Goals
    Providing a structured framework to empower the families to shape their collective legacy, create a unified vision, identify shared values and beliefs, and establish short-term and long-term goals that provide support to the family unit.

  • Creation of a Family Game Plan
    Creating a tailored family game plan that captures what is most important to the family (e.g. estate planning, business succession planning, philanthropic strategy, family education, investment and tax strategies).

  • Family Meetings and Facilitation
    Facilitating family meetings to discuss goals, values, and concerns and fostering open communication and alignment across generations. This helps promote a shared understanding of what is most important and hold the family accountable to the established game plan.

  • Family Constitution and Governance Structures
    Developing family constitutions, charters, and governance structures tailored to your family's unique needs, clarifying roles, responsibilities, and decision-making processes.

  • Family Support Structures: Advisory Board and Family Foundation 
    Assisting with the creation and management of family Advisory Boards and/or Family Foundations.
    A Family Advisory Board is a structured forum comprised of trusted advisors who provide guidance and strategic counsel to a family on various matters related to wealth management, governance, and succession planning.
    A Family Foundation can channel the philanthropic aspirations and establish a structured approach to giving back to the community. 

  • Succession Planning
    Assisting in succession planning to ensure a smooth transition of wealth and leadership and preserving continuity and unity within the family business or wealth management structures.

  • Education and Next-Generation Development
    Providing education, learning modules, and mentorship programs to prepare the next generation for leadership roles, instilling values and skills essential for stewardship.

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