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About Us

It is our vision to be the best organizational advisory firm for the small to mid-market. We are a small yet dynamic group who are relentlessly dedicated to creating value and helping our clients reach new heights of success. We are built from elite athletes, operators, leaders, and consultants and attorneys. We invest in the best - the best executives, leaders, organizations, boards, and families.


We understand that greatness is not achieved alone; it is cultivated through collaboration, dedication, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. That is why we work with learners, not knowers – individuals and organizations who are eager to grow, evolve, and adapt in today's modern business landscape.

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Collaborating side-by-side with leaders, we craft and implement proven game plans for success, blending the art and science of modern leadership. We provide experience, perspective, and capacity to drive tangible results and foster the growth of stronger organizations. Our team injects positive energy into our client relationships, fostering a sense of true partnership where we seamlessly integrate into your team, working alongside leaders and teams to achieve shared objectives.

Meet our team

We are a small and dynamic group of the best operators, leaders, and advisors.


What our clients say.

"Chris is a top-notch and enterprising leader, executive coach and Consultant. He is an agent of change and inspired me with intention and purpose. We have experienced measurable, positive outcome at our organization."


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